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DIYSOS Blackpool - Carers Garden


The DIYSOS team and a team of volunteers rescued a grand Victorian building and garden in Blackpool. A project in conjunction with Children in Need would shine a light on the amazing work that young carers do, and help us understand the needs of the young carers themselves.

“Standing in the midst of the jungle of ivy, and brambles I closed my eyes and imagined a series of different spaces which would be linked with walkways through the garden. I envisaged areas for play, relaxation and creativity set within a part of the woodland area. My vision was to create a garden that would enable children of all ages to enjoy relaxing, exploring, learning and ultimately having fun in a safe and enticing environment.”

Services Included: 3D Illustrations, Sketch Scheme, Detailed Designs, Planting Schedules, Site Visits, Project Management, Planning Negotiations.

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